Monday, January 12, 2009

New Completed Piece

This piece "Elegant Poise"was just completed this past week. It is an original 12"x12" canvas board. I used a mixture of techniques for this piece. First I used an old Etiquette book I found and sewed several pieces together using my sewing machine and pink thread. Then I Collaged the pieces onto the canvas. I then created the hat using a mixture of paints and inks. The face was drawn with an oil pastel with bright red lips painted in with red acrylic.
I sent this piece over Saturday to the Davidson County Arts Council for a "Friend" art show. If you are in the area the opening reception is tomorrow night January 13th from 5pm until 7pm at 220 South Main St. Lexington, NC. I hope to post some prints at my ArtFire Shop soon.


Kim said...

I love how you stitched the paper together - That's a great subtle touch!

Susie said...

I tried stitching paper once and it was a complete disaster! Oil pastels are hard for me, but love the results you got! You're a fabulous designer/artist. I adore the subtle touch of the etiquette paper. Keep it up and I'll be following you!

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