Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Paper Bag Koozie Tutorial!


St. Patty's day is less than a day away and you my friends need to be prepared!

First don't forget to plan an outfit tomorrow that contains some green- and don't forget about the kids; they are more likely to reap the consequences and get a pinch or two.

Second- Make an awesome koozie for your beverage of choice, if your having a St. Patty party make one for all of your guest - So you are thinking- why paper bag? Well when I travel to my parents house and they send me home with some frozen goodies they wrap it in a paper bag. I am no scientist but apparently it helps keep the food cold. So I thought this may work for a beverage too. Not to mention when you make your guest their own personal koozie you can personalized them so no one tries to steal someone elses booze.

What you need:
paper bag
duck tape
x-acto knife - or box cutter {I know I live on the edge}


1.Cut your paper bag to size. You can make several koozies out of one paper bag
Can: 4" x 9"

You could make one for a bottle too. Just wrap a piece of paper around one and create a template.

2. Flip the cutout over to the side you don't want visible and start layering the back with duck tape. I left 1/2 inch on the top and bottom. Don't worry if your sides are not even. You will trim them later. I used 2 layers of duck tape.

When you flip the cutout back over the piece will look like this:

3. Now trim the sides. I keep the sides 1/2 inch like the other sides.

4. Before you start folding the sides over you need to cut out the duck tape corners on each side. I use an box cutter to cut these out- an x-acto knife or scissors are probably a safer bet.


5. Now fold all of the sides up.

6. Now it is time to attach the Velcro. The easiest way to do this is put both pieces together and then take the backing off one side and attach it. Then take the backing off the other piece {still attached} and wrap the koozie around the can and attach. This will insure koozie is the right size.


Ta-da! You've got a paperbag koozie

Now Relax and enjoy your St. Patty's day!


Kim said...

I freakin love this! Great idea Pam!

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