Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Mother's Day Freebie

Yikes! My last blog post was back in October. I could give tons of excuses {my child, my work, my laziness}, but I will save you small talk, lets just look over my disappearance for the last, um lets see 6 almost 7 months. Jokes on me - get this, I have not posted in so long I went on blogger today and notice that everything looks completely different - WHAT? When did that happen?

Any-who, to say I am sorry for walking away from the blog world for so long I decided to offer up two freebies for ya. So as you all know Mother's Day is coming up this weekend and I am sure there are plenty of procrastinators out there who have not yet found that perfect card so... I thought I would help ya out a bit. And I also threw in a card for dear Maw Maw too, as we call our grandmothers in the south.
Freebie Who can choose just one word to describe mom? Heck, after becoming a mom I have even more respect for all my mom did and still does for me. Not to mention all the stress I put her though- those high school and college years were tough- I hope Merit goes easy on me :).
To print the lovely below go here: Click HereMotherdayCardA Don't forget about Maw Maw! Can you believe growing up I had two Maw Maw's {I was heart broken that we lost both Maw Maw's last year- they were true inspiration to me, and I miss them dearly}, Brad {hubby} had three Maw Maw's and now my child has been graced with four Great Maw Maw's she has met in her lifetime. If you have a Maw Maw and she is Awesome Click Here to print her a card.
Rockinmawmaw copy Once the card is printed cut it out and fold in half, the card will be sized at 5x7 when folded. Find an A7 envelope {Hobby Lobby has them} and write your little heart out inside. Happy Mothers Day Everyone! {Enjoy}

Tape Strip by:! Awesome freebies on her site :)