Thursday, September 25, 2008

DIY Paper Bag Note Cards

I mentioned this tutorial from the City Beautification Blog I also post on but I thought I would show you the steps on my blog as well.

What you will need:

A paper Bag from the grocery store
glue stick
white paper
decoration supplies (paint, glitter, etc.)

Step 1: Cut your paper bag into pieces measuring the size card you want to make. My pieces measured 9" x 6".
2.Next fold each piece in half creating a card.
3. You will then need to cut white paper (this can be used paper from the office, junk mail, etc) slightly smaller than the paper bag size and glue using a glue stick to the inside of your paper bag card. My white paper measures 8.75"x5.75"
Once Dry the next step is to decorate the outside any way you would like. Make it into a birthday card or personalized stationery by monogramming it with your initials.


Rizwan said...

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