Monday, December 22, 2008

A Save the Date Magnets

I have just finished and delivered these Save the Date Magnets. This was an order of 250 of these little guys. Since they are small (about the size of a business card) I handmade pockets for them to be mailed. The trick with magnets is to make sure the person receiving them knows they are magnets. Some times they are very thin (which is good when it comes to the cost of mailing them) but some people may mistake them for a photo and not a photo magnet. Thanks to some thoughtful thinking from my hubby we designed the pocket so the person has to pull out the magnet to read the entire design and hopefully understand it is to go on the fridge not in the trash. Not that they would want to throw away this cute couples picture anyways!!! Contact me by e-mail for a price quote if you are interested in a photo magnet for yourself.


Pampered Ponytails said...

Those are really cute. Very nice.

Pam Baldwin said...


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