Monday, January 5, 2009

What to do with Christmas Cards after the Holidays?

I have always had this question of what to do with left over Christmas Cards or any greeting cards. I feel kind of bad just throwing them away since someone spent time and money to send it to me. On top of that I hate just wasting completely good paper. So after some research here are three ways to get full use out of your Christmas cards.
1. Cut them into post cards to sent for next year. Be sure to cut them to the correct measurement: LENGTH Minimum 5 inches Maximum 6 inches

HEIGHT Minimum 3 1/2 inches Maximum 4 1/4 inches

It is always important to check guidelines at the USPS (U.S. Post Office) before mailing anything.
2. Make a gift box out of them that can easily hold gift cards. Martha Stewart has a great template for making a small gift box. Curby also has a great tutorial and template.

3. Make gift tags. Crafting a Green World has a great tutorial for making gift tags


Kim said...

OOOOoooo Great ideas Pam! I am defiantly going to use these!!! I save all of the cards I get, Birthday and such. I like to reuse them by grinding them up to make paper pulp to make my own paper - but my blender has been missing its blade for quite a while now.


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