Saturday, June 28, 2014

Love is Patient, Love is Kind - Free Printable

Lord knows mamas of strong willed children need a little extra prayer sometimes. Being a mom is hard work!  Have you ever had one of those mama moments, you know the ones where your kids are really pushing their limits.  Nothing you say or do will get them to stop whining or throwing a tantrum, they have won and they know it.  Mama - 0 Kid – 1

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Last week I was having one of those mama moments.  On the verge of tears mama moments (OK, confession I went over the verge and was actually in tears). My patients were gone, I felt helpless. The only thing I could do was walk away from my crying, screaming, nearly 4 year old and excuse myself to my room, alone!  Yep, I resigned and let my husband take over - I know, way to put your big girl panties Pam.  The next morning I open my e-mail to find my daily devotion, and low and behold it was centered on 1 Corinthians 13:4, Love is patient, love is kind....  Hello wakeup call! I am most certainly not perfect, and some days I am not patient or kind, but I need to try a little harder.  So, if you ever run into me and I am repeating "love is patient, love is kind" over and over again, that most likely means I am having a mama moment, bare with me as I try to love my children unconditionally.
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