Friday, August 1, 2008

A bit more on Filters

Here is a collage I just has been fun playing around with the pictures I took of Jennifer and Brandon. This would make a nice layout in a photobook.


cindy said...

hi pam - thank you so much for visiting our blog and your nice words about our tiny studio. it took a while to get it to that point and it's not always so neat.

i love your photography and collages. i'm hopeless when it comes to collage, so i really admire you.

have a great weekend1

rslate said...

Thank you Pam for taking time to comment on our blog. I really feel like I have tons of work to do before I am really happy with it. Anyway,I love your collages as well and wish the very best for you with lots and lots of success. Stay in touch and we shall see you soon!!!

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