Wednesday, August 27, 2008


What a CUTIE!!! Meet Vincent who is almost 1 yrs old.
I completed this photo shoot last week for my friend Lori and despite Vincent's missed nap time we got a some good shots . The pictures were taken at her brothers BEAUTIFUL house where he was in the process of moving in. It is always fun to use a setting that is not perfect and staged. I played off the paintings laying against the walls.

The Picture above is of Vincent being held up by his Dad while using a painting as a unique backdrop.
The Picture below is one of my favorites. It is of Vincent and his dad playing. We were trying everything to get a smile out of Vincent...I know I would not be smiling if I missed nap time but he is a trooper and we got some great smiles from him.

Oh and did you notice the new logo...again. I think this is a keeper...I can change the colors as I wish but have a nice and neat symbol. The logo is a combination of ITD. What do you think?


Lori :) said...

Hey Pam! I love these pictures. (Of course, I am a little biased since I'm Vince's mom!!) Thanks so much for allowing him his first modeling opportunity. You are off and running. We wish you all the very best in your new business!!

casey said...

Loved them!!!!!!! like the logo too!!!!

Kim said...

Pam these pictures area great! I love the first one with Vincent in the hat - too cute.

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