Friday, November 21, 2008

Holiday Craft Idea

Can I just say WOW.... HOW CUTE ARE THESE!
This is a project I found on Martha Stewart's site the craft is titled Dot Painted China. With the use of a template and Food-safe ceramic paint you can make these beautiful plates. You can find the stencils for this project here.

While I would love to make these for the holidays, time is not on my side so I plan to take the idea of Dot Painting or more like Monogramming and transform old bottles in to dish detergent holders to give away as gifts. A long with the bottles I plan to give some hand towels like above. What gifts do you plan on creating this year? I would love to hear your ideas...comment below.


Kim said...

OOOOooOOOoo I love those plates too! I would love to make some. I don't have too many intentions on making gifts this year, I may make some more paper for stationary but not sure. Or maybe ornaments like last years...


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