Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday: "Eco Chic Artist and Crafters": Broken China Treasures

Wow....I can't believe it is Tuesday again! With grad school, work, Inspiration turn Design, and just life I have neglected my blog for a whole week! With that apology said I would like to introduce Tuesday's Eco Chic Artist: Broken China Treasures

Broken China Business Card Holder - Blue Swirls

Tanya the artist behind Broken China Treasures transforms old pieces of china, such as plates, cups, and saucers into beautiful pieces of jewelry and trinkets. Tanya finds broken china at garage sales, auctions, antique stores, flea markets and from individuals who are looking for a place to discard their broken treasures.
She creates items such as earrings, pendents, and unique business card holders. She can even design custom orders out of a piece of china you have tragically broke and can't bear to part with. So if during the holiday season you break a dish don't throw it away...send it to Tanya so she can transform your trash into a treasure.

Oriental Rose Broken China Earrings


Broken China Treasures said...

Pam, thank you so much for featuring my shop on your blog. You've created blog a beautiful and your artwork is fantastic!

~~ Tanya

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