Monday, June 6, 2011

Party Spotlight! A Tailgating Shower

Typically wedding showers cater to the bride and the poor groom is only allowed to stop by at the end of the shower to lug the endless piles of gifts home.
Well move over ladies- times are changing! The latest trends not only includes the bride but also the groom in the matrimonial bliss of wedding showers and yes the opening of gifts. Your guy may moan and groan at the ideas of attending a wedding shower so the goal is to have the host create a theme that the groom will enjoy along with his buddies. So without futher ado I present to you A Tailgating Shower!

What guy's-guy doesn't LOVE football or better yet tailgating? Heck- what girl doesn't like a little booze and a game of cornhole(you know the game where you throw the corn bags into the hole-don't think dirty). This type of shower is not only fun for everyone but it is also a breeze to throw together.
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Start the event with a ticket stub invitation to set the playful mood. Is their house divided between teams? Even better- create the invite with the rival teams playing against each other. You can find these invites here.
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Next plan the decorations:
For a cute centerpiece use metal buckets (these were borrowed from a local bar but you can purchase them at most hardware stores)and fill them with several bottled beverages- don't forget- not everyone drinks so be sure to include some bottled non-alcholic beverages too:) A piece of burlap was used under the buckets along with a colorful piece of wrapping paper. Image Hosted by

The atmosphere should be relaxed and fun therefore the set up does not have to be fancy yet simple touches like paper lanterns add a bit of charm. I think the best part about this shower is you can use what you have making it a little more cost effective. Differnt table sizes and tableclothes add to the tailgating feel.
The food is easy peasy- hotdogs, hamburgers, brauts, pasta salad, baked get the idea.

So now that your guy is included in the wedding "pre-game", don't you think he should also be included when it comes to writing all of Thank-You notes


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