Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Shabby Chic Fairy Wand

I have a kid who is obsessed with playing dress up. As soon as she gets home from school she is stripped down and digging in the dress-up drawer for a dress, crown, and wand. I decided to feed her obsession and create fairy wands for her and her friends at her 4th birthday party.
Shabby Chic Fairy Wand
This craft is rather inexpensive and crazy easy. I did have a lot of parent participation given this activity with with 4 year old kids.
What you need:
Dowel Rods
Picture hook (you know the round ones that come in a picture hanging kit with a screw end)
Fabric scraps or ribbon
Twisty Tie
And the ability to tie knots
Shabby Chic Fairy Wand First you take a picture hook and twist it into one end of the dowel rod. I found this rather hard, it took me like 15 minutes to get one in.  My husband on the other hand did the remaining 11 in like 10 minutes. Awesome, so my advice is to find your husband and have him do this step if you are making more than one.
Shabby Chic Fairy Wand
Take about 3 strips of fabric or ribbon and feed it through the hook then tie a knot in each. The 3rd piece may not even need a knot. Next you need to make your tulle poof and attach it to the picture hook.
Shabby Chic Fairy Wand
First take your strip of tulle and fold it up accordion style.  I used 2 scrap pieces (to create a multicolored effect) and when combined measured approximately 8" wide x 2.5 ft long. Do not strive for perfection when folding, you really just want a bunched up ball of tulle. Then, take your piece of twisty wire and wrap it around the middle of your folded tulle and twist to create a poof. Take the twisty wire and feed it through the picture hook and twist to attach.
Shabby Chic Fairy Wand There you have it, a shabby chic fairy wand.


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