Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday: "Eco Chic Artist and Crafters"

Welcome to the first addition of “Eco Chic: Artists and Crafters” where every Tuesday we will meet an artist or crafter that takes items, that typically end up in the trash, and transforms them into a piece of usable art.
With that said I would love to introduce you to Susan from Middleburg Folk Art Studio

Susan, the artist behind Middleburg Folk Art Studio, creates gorgeous sculptures by making her own paper mache out of 100% recyclable newspaper and water. She feels that her art form insures "post consumer waste is not just being put back into a cardboard box, but into a sustainable piece of art, that in no way harmed the environment and/or any ones health in creating it or bringing into their environment."

Susan has a website http://www.middleburgfolkartstudio.com/ along with an Etsy Shop http://www.middleburg.etsy.com/ where you can view and purchase her art work. She has everything from wedding cake toppers to seasonal items for the holidays. Be sure to check out her shop and support an art form that reuses and protects the environment.
Blue Bird Wedding Cake Topper


Kim said...

what kind of glue does she use to keep up with that Eco standard?
She must use something that insures that they are totally sustainable.

Kim said...

Oh, and I love her work!
The birds and ghost are soo cute!

what a great idea to highlight great designers!

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