Monday, March 21, 2011

GIVEAWAY and Paper Clutches in Shop

So I have decided to do a giveaway for a menu planner paper clutch. The giveaway will take place on Friday, March 25th at 12pm and I will post the winner's name. I will also contact you via facebook or e-mail {if listed}. Be sure to leave at least your first name and last initial if you are posting anonymous. To enter all you need to do is become a fan of paperclutch on Facebook and leave me a comment under this post with one meal you plan to make this week. If you have a link to the yummy recipe please post. I love new meal ideas.

After several requests I have decided to post a few menu planner-paper clutches in my shop for purchase. They will include 12 menu planning sheets. I only have 3 listed but have a few more to post. If I happen to sell out and you are interested please contact me via e-mail


Anonymous said...

Fajitas! -Nicole B.

Kim said...

Chili! I never have a recipe for chili but know that I need to buy at least 3 cans of beans and tomatoes! :)

Anonymous said...

My fav meal to cook is porkchops with mac n cheese and asparagus Casey P.

Anonymous said...

Homemade Gourmet ground beef & rice skillet (uses the Ooo La La Onion mix). So easy & so good!
-Amy K. (Thanks for your e-mail & directing me to this! I have my fingers crossed!)

Anonymous said...

Pesto Turkey Burgers! They are so yummy! Recipe is from

Lucy M. :)

marisa said...

Chicken Adobo! Our favorite meal!

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