Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What's in a Monogram?

Hi Guys! So I wanted to take a minute to discuss monograms. These little lovelies are becoming a necessity to the modern bride as well as the DIY bride. I want to share a few tips and of course mention a bit of etiquette when using a monogram.
Monograms can be used for so many things and help to carry out the theme of a wedding. Just to give you a few examples: you can add it to your invitation, create stickers for wedding favors, add it to your return address labels, create a thank you card, I could go on and on.

Many designers including myself offer a digital monogram that you purchase and use as you wish. Just be sure that the designer is willing to work with you in the future if the monogram needs to be re-sized or in a special format. Once you are let loose to use your monogram you may be stopped in your tracks. Some printing services require specific formats and sizes or they will not print your design.
That is why I include one reformatting for each monogram I create custom or customized. I also keep your design for up to one year if you need additional formatting.

There are certain rules associated with monograms. Not all have to be followed but it is a good idea to know what the rules of etiquette are so when you break them you are making a statement not an embarrassing mistake.

1. Who's name is first? The woman's name is suppose to comes first. This is true also when you address envelopes with the man and woman's name {example: Tina and Jim Smith} Why you ask? Well the man's name is never suppose to be separated from his last name.
As you see in the first picture as well as the 2nd example I posted the bride has broken this rule. When creating a monogram pre-wedding a last name typically is not associated with the monogram; therefore, if the man wants his name first let it be. There will be more important things to argue about- I promise.
You would be amazed at how many brides request the man's name to be first. Personal opinion...Breaking of this rule is no biggie when a last name is not associated.

2. This brings us to etiquette rule number two. NEVER and I repeat NEVER use a monogram with your "to be" married last name or initial before you are actually married. I know you have spent endless hours writing your new name and dream of your names together on paper but this my friends is the biggest monogram "no-no". The only time it would be acceptable to use a monogram that includes your new last name would be after you are actually married, for example during the reception.

Now that you know the rules, get out there and put your monogram to use!


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