Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Timing is Everything {mailing invitations}


I just wanted to take a minute to discuss timing for mailing out invitations. This is a crucial step for any event, party, or wedding. If you mail out your invitation too early your guest may misplace the invitations and forget about the event. Send the invitation too late and the guest may already have plans.

Here are a few time lines to keep in mind:

Wedding Save the Dates: 5-10 Months prior to event

Wedding Invitations: 6-8 weeks prior to event

For a wedding, mail out dates are crucial. Especially if your wedding is right in the middle of wedding season {spring or summer}. During a busy wedding season some guest may be invited to more than one wedding on the same day, therefore, they need adequate time to pencil your event in on their calendar. In the past I have experienced bridal wars where brides have requested their order to be rushed to avoid another bride’s invitation getting out before theirs. Weddings can be a battle!

To help you figure out the correct time to have your invitations stamped, addressed, and put in the mail I created a cheat sheet. Wedding Mail Out Cheat Sheet

I also included a column of ideal RSVP deadlines. All you need to do is find your wedding date on the left column and then note the dates that are listed to the right. If you get your invitations in the mail within this time frame the etiquette police won't be knocking at your door – but that bride who is getting married on the same day might.

For other types of invitations like birthday parties and formal dinners follow these guidelines.

Cocktail Party: 1-4 weeks prior to event

Formal Dinner or Party: 3-6 weeks prior to event

Informal Dinner or Party: A few Days to 3 weeks prior to event

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